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Changing the way you think is a result of discovering  new ways of looking at things. The opinion piece here provide plenty of stimulus. The issues discussed are those of primary importance to bringing about a fairer, safer, more tolerant and ecologically sound society. The first two articles deal with the distribution of wealth, a subject rarely discussed these days, due most probably to socialism’s dismal record. However, if, as is proper, we are to provide a high standard of living to all people the world over, a more realistic approach to the payment and accumulation of wealth needs to be fostered. Another major encumbrance to this problem, and to the general happiness of us all, is how our relationships to each other are viewed, so that’s up for discussion as well. We conclude with the subject of the environment, that fortunately is getting some attention thanks to the efforts of many. But despite this, and the scientific evidence, progress, hampered by self-interest, is still way too slow.

To quickly summarize what is concluded, Radicle believes….

Capitalism must evolve, reinventing itself to tackle aspects that prevent it from bringing about a fairer, safer, more tolerant and ecologically sound society.

The correlation between success and wealth needs to evolve in a manner that promotes those individuals with accumulated wealth and or earning capacity to use it primarily to better the world, and not secondary.

Our relationships with each other need to evolve so that unrealistic rules and dogma, the latter often based on superstition, stop impeding us to get along.

The world needs to be a greener place.