Aims and Objectives


cropped-enlightnew2white.pngOur fundamental goal is a fairer, safer, more tolerant and ecologically sound society. We believe with the right encouragement it is a natural human progression, our ‘evolutionary destiny.’ It is important to note that there is more to evolution than just technological and scientific headway. By far the most important aspect is our philosophical outlook. Despite the efforts of those who for a variety of reasons don’t want things to change, it is both necessary and in many ways inevitable. 

Our initial aim is to get the vast majority of people to agree that the worst aspects of capitalism must change and  evolve for the better. Co-jointly is the goal of getting those with vast wealth and the means to create it to understand it is an inherent responsibility on them to use it foremost to better the world.

No forced legislation or bloody revolution is ever going to be effective in redistributing wealth equitably. The only way to have a world where equality is at the core is by getting those with the means to happily pay for it, content to part with their wealth for the nobler cause. Then and only then will we evolve into a truly civilised society. Pie in the sky? Perhaps, but then again most people living a hundred years ago would never credit the advances we have made in our world today.

It is also important to understand there is more than enough wealth to share so everyone the world over can enjoy a high standard of living, while at the same time appreciating our diversity and individuality.

In addition to wealth redistribution, for humans to learn to live in peace with those we share the world with, is the need for our interpersonal relationships, religious beliefs, concepts of education and ecological attitudes to evolve.

Explore our website and discover why The Evolutionary Party believe it is within our power to evolve.

“Change the way we think and we can change the way we live!”


  • Creating an organisation to promote and encourage our aims and other progressive ideas.
  • Seeking support from the worldwide community.
  • Gaining political influence.


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The Evolutionary Party is an Incorporated Association in Victoria Australia.