Evolving to a Greener World

Taken and edited from “Living in a Utopian World” by Rip William

The Evolutionary Party supports the ecological agenda of the Greens, however, we evo logo trial 3intend to focus our attention on an issue somewhat out of fashion these days. The size of the worlds population. It’s one of the biggest challenges facing civilisation now and into the future.”

elephantThere’s little doubt that if a future world is to provide a high standard of living for all, then one important thing that needs to change is our attitude to ecological issues, (even the current Pope has focused on this). The Evolutionary Party therefore supports all efforts to make the world an environmentally sound place, an are in accord with the policies of the Green parties. We also believe it is instinctive human behaviour to respect nature – our industrial urbanisation has led us irresponsibly astray – so, as we progress up the evolutionary ladder, the overall majority of people will again see the sense in being conscious of ones environmental footprint.

talking point 7The most obvious environmental issue we need to address is to move away from energy production that creates damaging greenhouse gas emissions.  The arguments preventing advancement are nothing more than a case of science versus self-interest – business prioritising profits, and certain individuals hoping to make a name for themselves by defying the facts. And even if climate change sceptics were right with the nonsense they peddle it still makes much more sense to use clean solar, wind and sea generated power than dirty coal, seam gas, or potentially dangerous nuclear power.

The Evolutionary Part strongly supports sustainable agriculture and applauds the advances in both organic or bio-dynamic methods of farming. Another important development we strongly back is micro specialist farming. This sensible approach to the production of food will both support and encourage regional sustainability. And while we don’t rule out that over time we may evolve back into vegetarians, if not, then at least we hope to see the practice of rearing livestock done humanely throughout the world.

The ecological issue, however, The Evolutionary Party wishes to focus on is the size of our population. We believe it’s become the elephant in the room, pun intended. Despite the fact the world’s natural resources are being drained at an alarming rate to feed, clothe, and warm the vast number of people currently sharing the planet, little is being said about it by politicians, or Green parties, and instead, over population is being celebrated. While science may continue to assist us in dealing with this problem, ultimately society needs to accept the reality that the size our race cannot exceed what is manageable from available resources.

Human overpopulation not only endangers our own existence but is also responsible for causing the extinction to so many other plant, animal and insect life we share this world with. We need to accept the fact that human beings don’t own this planet exclusively, and that we have a obligation to co-exist with other life forms. While it might be argued it’s survival of the fittest, it’s important to remember our whole eco system depends upon having a healthy balance of different organisms. Continuing to put our own needs above others is not only selfish, but perilously short sighted.

The Evolutionary Party, however, does not advocate mandatory measures to halt the size of our growing population. We believe people must learn to appreciate the dangers through education and understanding, and then make personal decisions to assist. Society must set the tone like it has done on other important issues then let common-sense prevail.

In a future society where our behaviour has become instinctively egalitarian, and our communities  more closely integrated, it’s inevitable that we will also choose to live a cleaner lifestyle and combine it with sustainable practices, including population control. It isn’t difficult to be green; in fact the evidence from the last forty years or so demonstrates how quickly we’re evolving towards a cleaner and environmentally sensitive lifestyle. It is virtually unthinkable now to throw garbage out of the car window, recycling is standard practice, and increasing numbers of people today are becoming conscious of their measure of human demand on the Earth’s ecosystems.

“Human overpopulation not only endangers our own existence but is also responsible for causing the extinction to so many other plant, animal and insect life we share this wonderful world with!”

The Evolutionary Party is an Incorporated Association in Victoria Australia.