Views on a Range of Social Topics

On this page we voice, in brief, The Evolutionary Party’s views on  a range of social topics. These thoughts may alter over time in accordance with new thinking, or be expanded into a more detailed analysis.evo logo trial 3


Education should be readily available to all people the world over. It should be free of dogma, and encourage students to think clearly and freely. Education should encourage inclusiveness over self-interest, tolerance over prejudice, and individual respect. Equality should be at the core of all learning.


Health care has been one of the great triumphs of the twentieth century. Not just in the advancement of know-how, but in its widespread availability. Providing all citizens with readily available high quality medical treatment, regardless of their financial situation, is the hallmark of a civilised society. And don’t let us forget that dealing with other important health issues such as dental treatment and mental welfare, to name just two, should also be freely accessible.

Dealing with physical well-being is one side of the coin, the other is education. Providing people with informed information is crucial to improving the overall health of all citizens.


Having a a secure roof over one’s head is becoming more and more a privilege than a basic human right. The Evolutionary Party believes this is wrong! Society should provide a place of one’s own for all citizenstalking point flwa. This topic is discussed in greater detail in ‘The Evolution of Family and Relationships‘ page. The only points to add here are our firm beliefs that not only does the availability of housing need to improve, so does the quality. Given that the vast bulk of buildings are residential, care should be taken to ensure they not only provide shelter and access to hygiene, etc, but also are aesthetically pleasing. Far too much accommodation is erected with simply profit or expedience in mind.

Sex and Sexuality

The Evolutionary Party’s view of sex and sexuality is simple – enjoy it, celebrate it, and be proud of it with other consenting adults in a respectful way. However, don’t overrate it, confuse it, or obsess over it. Don’t spread STDs!

Violence in Film, Television and Video Games

Violence has become the biggest source of entertainment in mainstream film, television and video games. Poster after poster has people pointing guns and other deadly weapons at us. The majority of these offerings, especially those from America, encourage the concept that brute force is a positive way of solving problems – the means to an end. It can be argued that it is simply entertainment, exemplified by heroes being sharp shooters who face foes who can’t hit the side of the barn from a metre away. The reality trump quotehowever is much darker, subconsciously promoting violent behaviour as a positive thing.

The Evolutionary Party is not, however, calling for arbitrary censorship! Banning material generally pushes the subject into a murky corner where no form of regulation or sensible debate can happen. If people want to watch  films and play games of a violent nature that meet certain standards then of course they have the right, but as a society we should be encouraging both the makers and the audience to understand that violence is not something to be encouraged or condoned. At best it’s the means of last resort.

Recreational Drugs

Humans,  since they first formed societies, have been using substances in some form or another to help deal with the stress and strain of life.  They’re generally not that good for your long term health, though for many people going without them is even worse.  Making recreational drugs illegal just adds to their appeal and creates an  black market where society is the big loser. Some examples are, the huge sums of money wasted on the never ending and futile battle to prohibit them, the untaxed enormous wealth it creates for gangsters, and the harm that comes from products produced without any unregulation. It’s also worth noting not all recreational drugs are  substances we associate with the fashionista, tea, coffee and alcohol are among them, all perfectly legal and arguably no better for you.


Why bother talking about America? Well, it’s the superpower country, the self appointed protector of the free world, ready to step in and meddle in any country’s politics under the ludicrous banner of  upholding democracy (what a joke that is, read on…). It has as a result enormous influence over the way the rest of the world behaves.

Regrettably, however, the U.S of A is in a parlous state. It’s got a trillion dollar deficit and little hope of ever stimulating economic growth to meet its vast expenditure. Its two political powers, Republican and Democrat are both subservient to capital and the Pentagon, so will, therefore, never have the gumption to adequately tax the wealthy and cut corporate welfare and military spending. Many parts of America today are already similar to India, the very wealthy and the incredibly poor. It augurs what’s to come.

Can things in America improve? The Evolutionary Party is dubious about any positive change in the near future, especially given Trump is now in charge of the White House. TrumpFor America to turn things around it must embrace true democratic reform. Voting for a ‘President’ is archaic. Allowing any individual to have so much power is in no one’s best interest, especially when they get to appoint High Court Judges and heads of bureaucracy. Incidentally, while running for the top job in the USA these Presidential hopefuls are not even required to tell us who will get these positions when and if they win. And let’s not forget this person is also in charge of the armed forces! The college voting system must go as well, and be replaced by one vote one person. An individual in a small state should not have more say over a person in a large state about a Federal position. Another example of  its irrelevance is the fact that one of the prime reasons for having the college voting systems was to stop someone like Trump getting to be President.

America must broaden its political culture. Its two party system is ineffective and totally self-serving. In truth a moderate Republican is no different from a moderate Democrat, though of more concern is the fact that while the former party has many far right radicals in its troops the latter does not balance this with far left members. America, like all other modern democratic countries, must encourage greater representation in government, including delegates from the labour and environmental parties. It must stop the gerrymandering of Congress,  and prohibit the huge political donations that only put people in parliament to serve the interest of their donors, while at the same time also stopping smaller parties from competing fairly.


“Change the way we think and we can change the way we live!”

The Evolutionary Party is an Incorporated Association in Victoria Australia.