What We Need To Do Next

By now you should have read and understood why the world more than ever needs to adopt the ideas and objectives of The Evolutionary Party. But how do we bring this about? Well, rest assured, we have a plan!

At present The Evolutionary Party is an incorporated association, run predominantly by its founder Rip William – it needs to become an adequately financed professional organisation.

The Evolutionary Party is not and never will be a commercial enterprise, it’s a movement! To advance our ideas and objectives, not only making a better, fairer, safer world, but also saving the planet from destruction and ourselves, and those we share it with, from extinction needs financial backing! It will require from at least one institution or organisation what might amount to several million dollars. As the Party takes traction however, funds to assist will be easier to raise from other sources.

Success is nearly always linked with professionalism. The Evolutionary Party must adopt practices within the enterprise that have stood the test of time, as well as making use of modern technology. What it must also avoid is getting bogged down by committee rule, or compromising principles and objectives for the sake of popularity.

A professionally run organisation is simply the backbone, a plan of attack needs to complement it.

The Plan

Once The Evolutionary Party has a professional arm established it then needs to recruit a team of intelligent people to be trained in the art of ‘politics.’ Our concern is primarily with the future, so it makes sense that the message should be delivered by those who will be our future leaders. It is also going to be a mammoth task, so we need people who can commit to the venture long term.

Training is essential, as delivering a message in public effectively is no easy task. Dealing with media, opposition, and even those prepared to be convinced, requires intelligent sales skills. While our message is perhaps the only workable solution to the world’s problems, those getting that message across will need to be prepared to meet ridicule, attempts to discredit our ideas, and simple misinformation. Without the skills to counter such attacks our messengers will flounder.

It is worth noting a similar strategy was very successfully used in Nevada recently to counter the longstanding male dominated state legislature. And we can learn from the recent Australian election, Bill Shorten is a good politician but a bad salesman. Kevin Rudd, the last Labor Prime Minister, was a poor politician but a good salesperson.

In addition to these young crusaders, The Evolutionary Party also needs established spokespersons to attract attention to our cause, and help raise finance for the battle. Our founder may be one person of use, others need to be sourced who already have established reputations.

None of what we’re proposing is rocket science, and is easily achievable with the resources.

We have the message that can save the world, what we need is those with the means to get it into the public arena! So come to the Party!