Changing the way you think is often a result of discovering  new ways of looking at things. The opinion pieces to be found here provide plenty of stimulus.


The following points are a summary of our core ideas and beliefs, with links to further reading. There is also a document on our views in brief on a range of other social topics that may over time also be expanded upon.

  • It’s time for capitalism to evolve. The current system will never deliver a world freed from poverty, a place where everyone has the right to the benefits of a civilised society, where concern for the planet is not compromised, and all those we share it with are given the respect they deserve.
  • The key to spreading prosperity so everyone the world over can enjoy a high standard of living is altering  society’s perceived correlation between success and wealth.  It is paramount to human advancement that those with either enormous fortunes or the capacity to create them talking point 3change the way they see their obligations. Greed is not good! People must be encouraged to view society from a broader perspective than their own personal situation. No matter how exceptional an individual might be, his or her success is still always reliant on the help of others. It’s a team effort!

“Changing the way we perceive our responsibilities to the creation and distribution of wealth is going to be one of the greatest moral challenges of the twenty-first century.”

  • As capitalism evolves to take a more princpled role in society and those with wealth happily agree to share it to make a better world, so too will our relationships with each other evolve. A society based upon such principles would no longer encourage people to constantly attempt to outdo one another, and the barriers and fences we put up today to hide behind and protect us will crumble, leaving only those required for privacy. Families would intermingle more freely and individuals would gravitate naturally to people with whom they felt affinity.
  • Organised religion must evolve. It needs to cease dividing society and inciting hate and intolerance. Out of date dogmas must give way to progressive views. If religion is to play a useful role in world affairs it must concentrate purely on spiritual matters in an inclusive fashion.
  • Self interest must stop getting in the way of environmental concerns. Not only do we need to listen more to our scientists in regard to looking after our planet, we also need to start taking greater responsibility towards those we share this wonderful world with. Being green is in fact a natural human progression.

Change the way we think and we can change the way we live!

The Evolutionary Party is an Incorporated Association in Victoria Australia.