“Current thinking, limited by

capitalism’s expectations,

religious dogma, and plain old

ignorance, stands in the way

of human advancement.”    

talking point 4


the future

  • To make a world where everybody and everything in it has the opportunity to exist in the best possible circumstances.
  • To change the way we think so we can change the way we live.
  • To provide hope, especially for the young, that there is a real alternative to current political and economic thinking.


  • Challenging many of capitalism’s unconscionable attributes.
  • Changing the way society perceives wealth and success.
  • Broadening the way we view our personal relationships with each other.
  • Encouraging organised religion to stop dividing humanity and inciting hate and intolerance, concentrating instead on matters purely spiritual.
  • Instilling the notion that living in harmony with nature is instinctive behaviour, while also focusing attention on the problem of overpopulation.
  • Creating an organisation to promote and encourage these and other progressive ideas.
  • Seeking support from the worldwide community.
  • Gaining political influence.talking point 1