The Evolutionary Party is a movement promoting its objectives through the belief these ideals are part of natural human progression – giving rise to our name.

It’s clearly within the power of the human race to allow everyone the world over the opportunity to live a high quality lifestyle, while at the same time respecting the planet and those we share it with. The only thing stopping us is us.

philoThe Evolutionary Party is a movement promoting its objectives through the belief these ideals are part of natural human progression – giving rise to our name.

Capitalism’s limitations, religion’s out of date dogmas, and just sheer ignorance prevent us from evolving into a race that is truly enlightened.

Altering the way we perceive our responsibilities to the creation and distribution of wealth is going to be one of the greatest moral challenges of the twenty-first century. The question is, can we evolve?

This is not about the politics of left or right, it’s about common-sense prevailing over greed, selfishness and ignorance. The current system will never deliver a world free from poverty, a place where everyone has the right to the benefits of a civilised society, where concern for the planet is not compromised, and all those we share it with are given the respect they deserve. It’s important to also appreciate our world is wealthy enough for all of us to enjoy a high standard of living with the freedom to express our individuality. It only needs a change of attitude, a reassessment of our values for this to happen.

talking point 6Changing the way people perceive their responsibilities and roles in society is no easy task. It requires patience and tolerance, old habits die hard. Progressive views are also often misconstrued, especially by those resisting change, resulting in fear, a major obstacle to advancement. It is, therefore, essential that The Evolutionary Party accepts the reality that the important ideas we promote should be seen as sowing the seeds for human development for future generations.

It might seem futile to think that our only solution to the troubling woes of our civilisation is to trust to evolution, a fix that could take centuries. But alas, even within developed countries, perceptions and habits are slow to alter, and to achieve the sort of equality we’re envisaging the overwhelming majority of people globally need to heed the call for change. And unless we continue to highlight the absurdities of our current systems and encourage people, in a peaceful and tolerant manner, to broaden their viewpoint the world may not progress, or even worse, regress. Salve yourself with the thought of those who had the challenge of getting people to believe the world was round.

It is important to remember that the ideas The Evolutionary Party promotes to help make the world a fairer, safer, more tolerant, and ecologically sound society, are exactly that – ideas. By encouraging people to think outside the square we’re starting the process that will hopefully lead to lasting change, attracting those the with the necessary skills to  work out the finer details.

The political aspirations of The Evolutionary Party need to be limited to those of a pressure group. It’s far too often said that you can’t achieve anything in opposition, yet the contrary is actually true. It is only opposition to the status quo that brings change. We will be a force in parliament to help pass progressive laws, those which help bring about our aims and objectives. The compromises associated with parties seeking to rule in their own right too often strip them of legitimacy.

Change the way we think and we can change the way we live!